Britain’s Most Burgled Month

UK homeowners are urged to lock up their valuables and beware of burglars in the ‘most burgled’ month of the year, according to analysis from over 50s insurance provider RIAS. Data across claims from the specialist provider’s 500,000 home insurance customers reveals:

November 2012 saw an average 10% increase in burglary frequency last year, with the first week in December seeing a huge rise of 25%

Bradford, London, Manchester and Leeds are Britain’s most burgled cities

Average claim cost of a burglary is £2,433, increasing to £2,474 in November

Jewellery, cash and laptops are the most desirable items for Britain’s burglars

Back doors and windows are most common points of house entry.

“Homeowners and tenants need to remember their home security over the winter months. Simple things such as timer switches, locking your doors and windows, making sure the front of the house can be seen from the street can help reduce the chances of people becoming a victim to burglary.” Continued Alan McInnes “Our web site has sound crime prevention advice and there are many security products that can be used to secure belongings that meet our Police Preferred Specification”

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