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IDenta drug testing kits accredited by SBD

An Israeli company which produces small, easy-to-use and reliable detection kits for the testing of drugs, has been awarded the sought-after Police Preferred Specification by Secured by Design (SBD), the national police crime prevention initiative.

Drugs General Screening Kit 683x1024IDenta has attained SBD status for its general drugs testing kit and its range of kits which identify specific kinds of drugs.

A leading detection and forensic science company established in 2002, IDenta has seen its products sell across the US, Europe, Asia, Australia and Israel and be used by security organisations including Government agencies, police, customs, military, border controls and fire services.

The company, which has its own laboratories, offers a chemically-based solution to drugs testing simply by touching to detect and identify substances, even on ‘cleaned’ surfaces, plant leaves and with traces as small as nanograms - in just seconds.

Yoni Yehudai, who is the UK representative for IDenta, said she wants to bring the drugs testing kits, which are about the size of a small mobile phone, to the attention of police forces in the UK and to have the results of the kits accepted as evidence in Court.

"Our kits cover every drug that we know exists in the marketplace currently. We build our range and issue new kits when a new drug comes onto the marketplace.

"The kits are quick, eco-friendly, user friendly and safe in that they don’t contaminate your hands or the results, and the user is not exposed to the chemical, which is immediately locked in and can be kept for several years if necessary with no storage limitation. In addition, since the product was launched, IDenta has not had any false results.

"This is why they are approved and used by top security organisations around the world," she said.

SBD Development Officer, Doug Skins, said: "IDenta is our first Israeli company and these are the first products of their kind to be accredited by SBD."

SBD is the only way for security products to achieve Police Preferred Specification status in the UK.

For further information visit:
Or call Yoni Yehudai 07985 717 688.