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SBD is taking a lead in many ways to help businesses reduce the risk of violence, CEO Guy Ferguson tells conference

Businesses looking to protect their staff and reduce the risk of violence and abuse can get help from Secured by Design (SBD), the national police crime prevention initiative.

Chief Executive Officer Guy Ferguson said whilst police are unable to recommend specific products, SBD can act as an effective gatekeeper and signpost companies and products meeting SBD’s Police Preferred Specification. He explained that SBD is the only way for companies to obtain police accreditation for security products in the UK.

SBD has accredited products from more than 600 companies. These products range from secure and robust doors, windows and locks through to cutting-edge IT products, CCTV components, and shutters and barriers.

He said SBD could also offer practical help to business in other ways such as
through its network of more than 200 SBD trained police officers and staff in Police Forces around the country, who work with architects, developers and local authority planners at the drawing board stage to design out crime.

The advice these Designing Out Crime Officers give is contained in a range of SBD Development Guides, which provide a source of reference for Police Forces, Local Authorities and developers and organisations commissioning building work. The Guides are available on our website.

Since its launch nearly 30 years ago, SBD has become actively involved in designing out crime in a number of sectors including residential, commercial, retail, mixed-use, transport, health, education, leisure and many others.

Mr Ferguson was addressing business managers and police officers responsible for business crime reduction at a ‘Tackling Violence Against Business’ Conference in central London on Monday, 12 March.

It was first public event run by the National Business Crime Centre, which seeks to promote positive links between the Police Service and business community.

SBD also works with business to:
- reduce false alarm calls on behalf of Police Service (National Police Chiefs' Council Security Systems Policy)
- assess private companies seeking approval for Community Safety Accreditation Schemes
- assist Business Crime Reduction Partnerships
- advise Government on Counter Terrorism measures to protect people and business.

In addition, SBD is working closely with the Licensing Industry to transform the way it works with Responsible Authorities, such as Police and Local Authorities, to reduce crime and provide safe venues for customers and staff. For further information on this initiative visit:

Secured by Design
Our aim is to achieve sustainable reductions in crime through design and other approaches to enable people to live in a safer society.
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