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TEC-Angel & The Key Safe Company exhibit SBD accredited products at Smart Care Technology MarketPlace event

Secured by Design (SBD) member companies TEC-Angel and The Key Safe Company were among over 40 exhibitors at the Smart Care Technology Marketplace event at Hackney Town Hall on Wednesday, 18 July.

The event was run by UK Telehealthcare, the membership organisation for Telecare and Telehealth professionals, service providers, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Registered Social Landlords, suppliers and organisations with a related professional interest. UK Telehealthcare support health and care professionals and suppliers to deliver the widest choice and range of appropriate Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS) to patients, service users and their carers, and to raise awareness and encourage the use of technology.

The MarketPlace events are held across the country three or four times a year and allow telecare and telehealth suppliers to demonstrate their products to social care and health professionals.

Arc Informatics showcased their SBD accredited product TEC-Angel, a monitoring and alert system to provide safety & security for vulnerable people wishing to live independently.

TEC-Angel is easy-to-use system and looks for changes in normal daily activity of a single vulnerable person within a dwelling. It monitors the home not the person and can also detect the likelihood of a fall when that fall affects the person’s normal routine. With no prying cameras or microphones, a combination of movement and door sensors placed in the most-used rooms link wirelessly to a mains-powered communications hub where its intelligent software automatically alerts a designated carer’s mobile phone via text to let them know if things are not quite as expected.

The system is suitable for the elderly, infirm, disabled and those with memory problems, a monitoring and alert system that can be used either on a standalone basis or as part of an individual’s care package within the home to provide round-the-clock assurance for family members.

Allowing loved ones to retain their dignity by assisting them in the comfort of their own home, TEC-Angel enables people to continue their daily routines with their independence and privacy intact as long as it is safe and practical to do so.

The Key Safe Company showcased their SBD accredited Supra C500 and P500 KeySafe range. The Supra KeySafes were the first key safes that met the Police Preferred Specification accreditation in the UK and provide a secure method to externally storing the keys to properties.

The Supra C500 and P500 KeySafe range have many applications including: access for home healthcare and home services, remote sites, property management, equipment storage, after-hours delivery, alarm or emergency access, secure storage for spare keys, emergency entry & holiday homes.

The Supra C500 and P500 KeySafes were designed with help from carers, end users, security and insurance experts, creating the ultimate in key safe usability and security.

The Supra C500 and P500 KeySafes are built in an ISO accredited factory, and quality checked multiple times. Everything is tested, from visually checking for defects, to temperature testing materials, all the way to testing the force needed to open a weather cover - all after being independently assessed to LPS 1175: Issue 6, Security Rating 1 by a third party.

TEC-Angel can be contacted on 01245 860252 or via email: 

The KeySafe Company can be contacted on 01905 770 333 or via email: 

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