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Under Attack! New videos demonstrate strength of SWS UK’s SeceuroGlide Excel

Leading roller garage door manufacturer and Secured by Design member company SWS UK, recently launched a series of live action attack test videos showcasing the strength and security benefits behind their Secured by Design and LPCB approved roller garage door, the SeceuroGlide Excel.

The SeceuroGlide Excel was the first roller garage door in the UK to receive LPS1175, SR1. Standing for Loss Prevention Standard, the LPS 1175 is one of the security standards set by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB). Products certified to this level provide a level of resistance to opportunist attempts at forced entry, using bodily physical force and a limited range of hand tools, including those that create noise. The Excel achieved the rating by passing a series of timed attacks which go beyond the requirements of doors with lower or no security ratings. This included a more vigorous, violent attack with no restrictions on how much noise could be made during the test.

Professionally shot at SWS UK’s on-site test facility, the Excel was once again put through its paces in a series of controlled attack tests, replicating break-in methods used by the LPCB. Consisting of three individual tests; Cut, Push and Lift, the door withheld the attacks, meaning entry was not gained by the would-be intruder.

SeceuroGlide Excel Security Attack Test WEB

During filming the same attacks were performed on a generic competitor door and the results speak for themselves. On each of the cut, push and lift tests, the generic door failed within one minute of the attack!

Commercial Director Martin Fletcher said, "Roller garage doors are visually very similar from all manufacturers, so it was important that we found a way of highlighting the quality and strength behind the SeceuroGlide range, and in particular the LPCB approved SeceuroGlide Excel. Creating videos which featured the testing of the Excel alongside an inferior competitor door provides a strong, visual comparison on how each door performs when subjected to typical break-in methods. We hope the video can be used to demonstrate the SeceuroGlide difference whilst highlighting SWS UK’s commitment to providing the very best in quality components and leading manufacturing practices."

The video highlights can be viewed below:

Or, to see the videos in full visit SWS UK’s YouTube channel:

For more details on the SeceuroGlide Excel, click: