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Cloudview awarded ‘Police Preferred Specification’ status for its cloud-based surveillance solution

Cloudview has become the first vendor to gain prestigious Police Preferred Specification status for a cloud-based video surveillance solution; an award conferred by Secured by Design, the official UK Police flagship supporting the principles of ‘designing out crime’.

To gain this accreditation, Cloudview was required to pass a series of tests to ensure compliance with a strict set of security and evidential standards, as specified by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Crime Prevention Initiatives.


Cloudview passed with flying colours, not least because of its ability to work with the original CCTV video feed, supplied direct from the camera, rather than a copy of recorded data. Vital in maintaining evidential integrity, the camera’s video images are then immediately transported off-site, by a Cloudview Visual Network Adapter (VNA) attached to each camera, over an encrypted communication channel. The images are further encrypted and then stored in secure data centres that use military-grade perimeter control beams, video surveillance, and professional security staff in order to ensure physical security. Furthermore, the VNA applies a digital fingerprint, or hash, to each frame, thus ensuring the evidential veracity of each image.

All these steps lead to an uniquely enhanced security solution that, thanks to its Secured by Design award, can be trusted by customers to deliver quality video evidence; evidence able to meet the standards of UK courts.

On hearing of the award, James Wickes, CEO of Cloudview UK commented: “We are delighted to be awarded this status. Crime and the fear of crime have a significant impact upon us all and recognition by Secured by Design reaffirms our belief that VSaaS and Cloudview, in particular, is the only practical option for enhancing local recording solutions; by storing CCTV footage offsite without affecting its evidential integrity.&rhdquo;

The Secured by Design assessors were also impressed by the ability to add Cloudview to existing analogue and digital IP surveillance systems, with each camera individually connected to the cloud to provide a high level of resilience against vandalism. Moreover, Cloudview is able to deliver offsite storage alongside existing local recording facilities. This is increasingly significant as it becomes common practice to destroy or remove local video recording equipment when crimes are committed.

Another advantage is the ability to easily and quickly share Cloudview footage with interested parties and the police. It can also be integrated into other alarm and access control systems. Cloudview itself will be announcing a major integration project shortly to accelerate crime reporting and contribute further to crime prevention initiatives.

Cloudview is secure, highly scalable and can be integrated with other surveillance systems and is uniquely manageable through a browser from anywhere in the world. The end result of a clear vision for the future of security, combined with a significant investment in state-of-the-art IT expertise and technology, Cloudview can be installed and working in minutes and is available now.

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